TXM strive to provide SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVINGS, ZERO DOWNTIME and RELIABLE service to our customer. TXM currently operates the largest fleet of mobile regeneration plants for the treatment of transformer oil in the region. As a LEADING SERVICE PROVIDER in this field, we pride ourselves in providing quality customers services and advices on transformer oil maintenance.


To help our customers to achieve their objectives in extending the life of their transformers and to minimize disruption to the operations through innovative solutions and services delivered with the highest level of professionalism and passion


To be recognized for leadership and excellence in transformer life extension services through proper condition monitoring, oil analysis and oil reconditioning


  1. Customer Oriented
  2. Respect and care for our people – human capital is our asset
  3. Deliver with prudence and commitment at all times
  4. Committed to sustainability and greener technology



  1. Well-trained technicians backed by a qualified professional team

TXM’s teams of technicians are well trained and experienced to handle the entire range of activities relating to transformer oil maintenance and treatment.

  1. Fully accredited laboratory and participant in ASTM Proficiency Test

Our laboratory participates in this bi-annual proficiency test with involves over 100 laboratories around the world and we have regularly scored well. The laboratory is also ISO certified. Apart from being well equipped, it is staffed by a well-qualified and experienced team capable of performing 15 oil test parameters (virtually all major transformer oil tests).

  1. Large database for reference and monitoring of transformer conditions

TXM has a database of transformer information of more than 12,000 units with databases records of 350,000 test data built up since 1999. This database is invaluable to our clients not only for close monitoring of their respective transformers, but also as a library for our reference.

  1. Largest Transformer Oil Regeneration operator in the Asia pacific region

TXM is the first company to introduce the transformer oil regeneration (TOR) process in Malaysia and has the largest fleet of TOR plants (13) in the Asia Pacific region. The plants are operating throughout Malaysia and Indonesia.

  1. An Integrated TOR Service Provider

TXM provides a complete transformer oil diagnosis and maintenance services through CMS and TOR (Transformer Life Extension Service program). Customers who have given TXM samples for testing in its fully equipped laboratory can have the confidence that its TOR division has the capability to handle all treatment remedies recommended by its diagnostic experts. It is also highly recommended that TXM handle both processes for consistent, effective and efficient solutions. It provides a ‘one-stop center’ for transformer oil services.

  1. Excellent track record with a quality client base

TXM’s list of clients, which includes utility companies of both Malaysia and Indonesia, and large companies from the industrial sector, are testament of its service quality and effectiveness. Most of the major clients are established local and multi-national companies on multiple year contracts. Some have been engaging TXM’s service since we commenced operations in 1998.

  1. Technologies back up

The TOR technology was invented by Fluidex Pte Ltd of South Africa and in 2006, the business and the technology was acquired by TXM’s sister company, Remex Engineering Pte Ltd (common shareholders). This has created a synergy whereby TXM provides the field operating data/information to Remex for research & development to improve on the technology. Remex, in turns provides full technical back up to TXM to expand and improve its services to the customers.