Cennix Laboratory, one of the subsidiaries of Cennix Holding Group is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM) by Standards Malaysia (formerly known as DSM, Department of Standards Malaysia) for the testing of Transformer Oil under the Chemical Field discipline. Cennix Laboratory offers wide range of transformer oil analyses services to our customer to achieve their transformer life extension goal. Our lab is equipped with highly reliable instruments that meets the specification of transformer oil analytical procedure in accordance to the ASTM and IEC standard. With your support, we strive for continuous improvement and will continue to play a leading role in our analytical discipline.

Our Vision:

To gain the recognition from our customers as being their “best analytical partner” in achieving their transformer life extension goal

Our Objectives:

  • To consistently provide accurate & reliable results to our customers
  • Continual improvement on current lab practices and analytical methodologies


Our Values:Lab Values

Laboratory Testing of Transformer Oil.

This is a very important integral part of the CMS process. At our Laboratory, Cennix laboratory (CL), we emphasize the following crucial factors that an established and reliable Laboratory must observe:

  • Must be accredited – Cennix Laboratory is ISO accredited
  • ASTM Proficiency Testing (APT) – Cennix Laboratory participates in this proficiency testing to ensure its test results are accurate and reliable. APT has over 100 participating laboratories worldwide and conducts bi-annual testing, CL has consistently ranked well.
  • Cross testing to ensure reliability and repeatability of test results – Cennix Laboratory regularly conducts random testing with different in-house equipment, rotation of technicians for different tests and also sending samples to external laboratories to cross-check testing practices to ensure reliability and repeatability of results.
  • All test parameters must follow strictly international accepted standard – all test parameters at Cennix Laboratory are in accordance with ASTM
  • All the technicians must be sufficiently qualified and most importantly, well trained – Cennix Laboratory provides in-house as well as external training for the technicians.
  • The leader must be highly experienced and well qualified – The head of Cennix Laboratory is well qualified with many years of experience and continuously undertakes research & development, provide seminars and liaise with other international laboratories to keep abreast on new developments.
  • Must be well equipped – All CL equipment are sourced from well-established international suppliers and regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Tests Offered in Cennix Laboratory:

Acidity (ASTM D974)
Interfacial Tension (ASTM D971)
Dielectric (IEC 156)
Colour (ASTM D1500)
Specific Gravity (ASTM D4052)
Visualization (ASTM D1524)
Sediment (ASTM D1698)
Dissolved Gas Analysis (ASTM D3612)
Water Content (Moisture) (ASTM D1533)
Furan Analysis (ASTM D5837)
Metals-in-Oil (ASTM D3635)
Liquid Power Factor (ASTM D924)
Inhibitor Content (ASTM D2668)
Corrosive Sulfur (ASTM 1275B)