Other Ancillary services that TXM Services provide


Transformer Maintenance

TXM Services’s maintenance division are able to diagnose required maintenance on the transformer unit and provide a proposal on rectification required.


Transformer Oil Change

This involves draining off deteriorated oil, flushing the core and coils, and refilling with new oil. Like filtration, it has weaknesses, the main one being contamination of the refilled new oil. When old contaminated oil is drained off from the transformer, it cannot be completely removed. About 10% of the old oil is trapped in the solid insulation (craft paper). When new oil is refilled, the trapped old oil will start contaminating the newly filled oil and will rapidly cause contamination to the original level. Research found that even mixing a small quantity of oxidized oil to the new oil will ruin it rapidly and totally. Other disadvantages are: the deposited sludge on the core and coils are not removed during draining of the old oil, the disposal of vast quantity of toxic used oil poses huge environmental problem.

TRansformer oil top up

Transformer oil level will lower as periodic sampling is performed during sampling. It is always advisable to maintain oil level above the minimum level to ensure the transformer core is submerged under the insulating oil. TXM Services are able to top up your transformer unit to it’s optimum level. New drum of oil will be filtered to ensure it is low in moisture prior to topping it up into your transformer unit.